Since I last posted I have received both my 100 and 200 mile “postcards” I reached the 200 mile mark just a few days ago.

What can I say….. the running overall is going well so far I am currently just over a week ahead, hopefully I can continue at the same pace and finish slightly ahead of schedule.

I have achieved 2 personal bests a 10km time of 49:15 minutes and a 5km time of 23:47 one day after another.

Having said that not all of my runs have been as successful. Some days it’s a struggle, whether that is because I’m tired or my mind is occupied and I’m unable to get in the correct mindset.

As running is one of my tap offs for my stress bucket this can sometimes put me in foul mood. For me to get back in the correct mindset I start off by walking rather than running and this allows me to start taking my mind off things as well as loosen my legs of, once that is done I start uping my pace and before you know it I’m at my normal running pace in no time.

Thank you to anyone that has donated it is greatly appreciated.