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As the country’s first national dedicated mental health support charity for bikers, we are growing, we are supporting and we are getting out riding – but we need some meaningful help to get to the next level.

Before we became a charity we set ourselves a number of goals these were:

      • To build a strong team of moderators to manage the members peer support group
      • To build partners with external organiations which add value to both of our organisations aims and objectives
      • To run 5 meanningful events which not only offer support to bikers but build or reputation
      • To become a charity (we did this 4/11/2)
      • To train 100 people from with the biker community as Mental Health First Aiders. 
      • To create a safe online members only space where bikers can safer talk about their mental health issues with fear of being laughed at or judged

Watch this video to see what we actually achieved…

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