Here is some information about being a Mental Health Motorbike Ambassador, you can register to be an ambassador using the form below.  

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What is a mental health motorbike ambassador?

The role of ambassador is important one as you will be the front line team passing on information to other bikers about what and who we are. Ambassadors are supporters of our work around wellbeing and mental health. Ambassadors are all about promoting longer term well-being within the biker community and creating a wider awareness of the services we offer.

What do I need to be an ambassador?

First of all you must be registered with Mental Health Motorbike and have agreed to our code of conduct. Apart from that nothing. Ambassadors are just a way of promoting the services that we offer to the wider community and actually getting out there amongst other bikers sharing our contact details. How you promote what we do is up to you. You could go to bike shops or clubs and give out information or organise an awareness evening. Be creative.

What support do I get?

If you want to have a chat about any activity you have been to as an ambassador or any situations that have arisen and you can always contact Paul on (07990) 578684. If you have to leave a message somebody will get back to you as soon as possible. There will always be a team member there to give you support or explore different ways of engaging people. We can also share materials and resources that will be helpful in your role as an ambassador. Just have a chat with the team.

What about ride outs?

At the moment unless you have lots of experience of group rideouts we would prefer you not to run them at this stage. We want to put a good practice guide together with other professional organisations around running a safe rideouts. There are many things to think about in this area but it is something we will explore further as our organisation grows. We suggest if a group of you want to get together arrange a meetup point and get there at your own pace.

How do I report an activity or ambassador activity?

If you have a good experience and would like to report a story back to the team this is always good for our social media. You can email or complete the form below and leave some information (if emailing please make sure you leave your name date of activity and what took place). 

Will I get some resources to use?

Once you have been approved as an ambassador MHM will send you some useful contact cards which you can give out when you meet people. We can arrange other merchandise such as T-shirts,  stickers etc. Let us know what would be useful and we will try and arrange it once we have brought some funds in.

What do I do if somebody wants to make a donation? 

 Please do not accept cash donations from members of the public but ask them to go online to or they can contact us directly on (07990) 578684 to make a card donation. 

What happens if somebody starts having a go?

The mental health motorbike is a free service run by volunteers. Occasionally you may have somebody who will object to this. Please do not get into an argument or any confrontation.  if you have a situation like this please record the details of what took place and if anybody threatens or upsets you report it immediately to

Other information 


  • Please do not take any risks or put yourself in any situations that would cause harm to you both physically or mentally. This is a voluntary post but we hope in the future we may be able to assist with travel expenses on agreed activities. 
  • Always ensure you have up-to-date MOT and insurance on your bikes when going out on any work related to being an ambassador.
  • Please avoid doing anything that will bring the organisation into disrepute.


The role of an ambassador for mental health motorbike is really important as we are reliant on volunteers to support our work. By getting out there and creating a greater awareness we are helping save potential lives. People are talking to us about big mental health issues on a daily basis. You are helping this vital support service to exist. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the work that we are doing. If you want to look at all the volunteering roles please don’t hesitate to contact us.