I met Andy earlier this year through a mutual friend who is my daughters’ boss in Manchester. His story is worthy of a full on action movie! Chinooks, army medic, coastguard search and rescue – a guy on a wire hanging out of helicopters – a man with a great back story. This will be shared in more detail in a video in the future.

Andy needed help on how to use some equipment to film a project he did over the summer it was a story involving a Series 3 Land Rover visiting search and rescue stations across the Scottish Highlands. the aim was to encourage service men to talk about their mental health and struggles over a cuppa. After just a few meetings I realised how much I’m learning about humanity from this man and he has helped me come up with the idea for the Mental Health Motorbike – thanks Andy for giving me another intensive project is my already overcrowded life!! I’m sure it will be a blast though.

More stories about this man to follow but for now visit and support the amazing work of this real life action man and true gent.