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Support our charity through Amazon Smile

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Giving our charity some financial security

Why we have setup the supporters club?

The biggest threat to any charity is a having enough funds to operate. As we grow into a larger charity supporting more people the overheads increase and we need to know that these can be paid.

The supporters club was setup to ensure we can pay the bills and at the same time give our members something back. Over the next year or so more benenfits to our supporters will appear, from priority access to online meetings, guest speakers etc. to discount codes for new bike kit.

We want you to own a slice of Mental Health Motorbike and by donating each month we actively encourage you to play a part of how the charity evolves, so talk to us with your ideas and what we could do to improve this charity.

To join the supporters club click on the button below

We did it…!

We did it…!

After nearly 2 years of working flat out building an incredible team of volunteers (and now very special friends) who have supported so many people in need… something incredible has just happened.

Drum Roll…

Mental Health Motorbike has just become the first national dedicated mental health support charity for bikers. We did it!!! WE ARE A CHARITY 

Registered Charity Number 1196406

To say I’m emotional is an understatement. I keep going from happiness to emotional wreck knowing just how big a job it is that we are taking on. But when push comes to shove I ask myself the question – am I scared by this? and the question is hell yes!!! And then no… because we’ve made so much happen so far why can’t we make other amazing things happen? It all revolves around the team we surround ourselves with, and this is a metaphor for life… surround yourself with good people, caring people and honest people and things will go well. 

The emotion comes out of why this charity emerged… sadly its a story echoed far too widely across the country… suicide. I lost a friend that I’d  known since he was 11 years old. Dale Caffrey was a complex character – but everybody who met him loved him. We lost him too soon to suicide and I made a promise at his funeral to try very hard to stop other young men ending their life by suicide. This is where Mental Health Motorbike started, with one of Dale‘s best friends Jay Lucas another incredible human.  

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart so many other people. I’ve tried to speak some of you today this is why it’s been so special for me. You know who you are ❤️

The hard work now begins we have set ourselves a very big challenge. Please get behind us and make Mental Health Motorbike a nationally recognised household name. 

Thank you for caring love you all – Paul Oxo 

Spring Course – Mental Health First Aid

85 trained Mental Health First Aiders!

We are reaching the stage where our network of trained mental health First aider’s will be in three figures.

this will be a very important milestone for us and we are wanting to do this before we become a charity so it is very important we fill Julys course!

if you know somebody that would like to do the mental health first-aid and become part of our network please pass on the information