Virtual Rideouts

Every week the Mental Health Motorbike has been hosting A Virtual Rideout. The format has been to upload a video shared by a MHM follower then have a structured one hour sessions were any biker can join.

More recently members have been taking small slots during the hour to present something to the rest of the group. This can range from coping strategies during the coronavirus through to maintenance on a motorbike. The MHM team are keen to make the sessions as interactive as possible.

The one hour sessions are facilitated by MHM And generally start off with everybody having a chance to say hi and share where they’re coming from what they do and share interests, there will be a chance to talk about how things have been during the week, Then an opportunity to here from guest speakers. The sessions flow really well and if people need specific individual support this can be provided afterwards.

Why not check us out to see how it works for you?

Corona Virus update

It is the second week of April 2020 and we are two weeks into the government lockdown due to the Covid19 virus. This is a script where the ending has yet to be recorded, a story that is exciting and absolutely terrifying.

It has meant that bikers have been unable to get out on the sunny days. Some people have broken the stay at home rule thinking they aren’t hurting anybody. It is probably true that the motorbikes are the best social distancing vehicle, but what happens when the inevitable accident takes place? Bike accidents generally involve police cars, ambulances and sometimes fire engines. At a time when emergency services and the national health service are in meltdown we have to ask ourselves do we want to be this extra burden on them?

For some time the mental health motorbike has been speaking to bikers about how the NHS treat them when they are involved in accidents. Generally the support is unbelievably positive but there have been cases where doctors have been quite negative towards bikers. This is something we will look at longer term as it can have an affect on people‘s mental health recovery. There will be a time and place that we look at this but for now we just have to be supporting our doctors and nurses as they really are unsung heroes in this crisis.

Stay strong out there guys think about the riding days that we can look forward to in the near future. You could always join us on social media for our virtual ride outs. We have some great video content of amazing places fellow bikers have shared with us.

To get involved with this go to Facebook and search @mhmotorbike

Latest News Update

It has been a time of great learning to for the mental health motorbike. But it has also been very exciting to research what the offer is going to be to the biker community.

We have been given tickets to go to the MCN bike show in London 14-16th. This will be more time around bikers to talk about what we’re doing. The important thing is to see the biking community as a complex group of diverse people rather than a group of leather clad men that group together in gangs. The only way we will understand this group is to get out and talk to them. Actually ask what would make a difference and check whether there is an appetite for a new mental health service for the bikers. I already know the answer to this personally but we will see through research. 

If you would like to share your thoughts of what would help you with regards to mental health service for bikers please email us at

Latest flyer

Latest flyer

Our colour scheme if black, white and blue and we can reverse this for print. Let us know what you think

Until we get a proper graphic designer for marketing we are keeping our designs relatively simple and affordable.

If anybody out there knows an affordable graphic designer who can work with us please contact us at