Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the Mental Health Motorbike

Are you a counselling service?

The Mental Health Motorbike IS NOT a counselling or therapy service it is a signposting service that helps members of the biker community who are struggling with mental health issues and depression. Our team are qualified mental health first aiders who are also experienced youth and community workers – so we have a lot of empathy when dealing with vulnerable people. Our aim is to provide services and activities which provide longer term well being for bikers. We aim to reduce loneliness and social isolation through having opportunities to bring people together and get involved as volunteers, sharing the skills and knowledge in bike focussed environments.

Where is the Mental Health Motorbike based?

At the moment the Mental Health motorbike is based in Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire. Our location means most places are accessible and the project aims to attend events all over the UK over the course of the year. If you have an event or wish to book us to visit you please goto to our booking page.

Can I get involved with the Mental Health Motorbike?

The MHM aims to provide exciting and group based opportunities for people to come together and support each others long wellbeing. This will mean actively encouraging suitable members to help at events, organise activities and further the aims of our organisation. All volunteers will be expected to adhere to our code of conduct and inclusion policies and we will not accept racist, homophobic, sexist or inappropriate behaviour/comments. Bikers can register for our volunteers bulletin here

What is the MHM Foundation?

The Mental Health Motorbike Foundation is one of the exciting long term projects we are working towards as this ties in with supporting people in their recovery from depression and mental health issues. Once we have the infra-structure in place we will encourage bikers to apply for support in pursuing a life goal, this could be getting a bike licence, going on a trip or studying for a new trade. We will select so many applications a work with companies, sponsors, organisations then to make this happen. Each successful applicant with get a foundation mentor to support them throughout this journey to achieving their goal.Long term we hope to encourage successful applicants to pay back the foundation as future mentors, volunteers and fundraisers. 

How is the MHM funded?

At the moment the MHM is not funded. It relies on the good will of a team of focussed and dedicated volunteers who are covering costs themselves. We will be launching a Just Giving campaign shortly to secure some startup funds and then a fundraising strategy will be implemented. Our team will also seek longer term grant funding and donations from supporters. This might be services to help the Foundation or financial gifts helping our long term survival.

Can my organisation link into the work of the Mental Health Motorbike?

The MHM actively encourages you to work in partnership with us. We are not precious about the people we work with. We passionately believe the the more organisation we network with the greater support open to people we come into contact with. So if you see opportunities to work alongside us please contact us for a chat.

How can I support the work of the MHM?

We are an organisation supporting a lot of people on very limited resources so we need your support. You can donate financially you can register to volunteer with us or you can become a friend of the MHM. We believe we are the first of our kind offering this type of support to bikers and we believe passionately we are making a huge difference. Why not get involved and support something very innovative? Contact us now

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