The MHM Foundation

What is it?

In short the foundation exists to help build the Mental Health Motorbike community by enabling positive wellbeing to flourish. The foundation aims to help individuals and communities to pool their resources, talents and skills so that meaningful life changing projects that would not have seen the light of day can be brought to life. Through the foundation, selected projects (big & small) will be supported using our extensive network of volunteers and sponsors
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Who is it for?

The foundation is for everyone within the Mental Health Motorbike community who want to make a difference to their own mental health and ongoing wellbeing. By community we mean bikers, their friends and extended family. We will reach out to organisations and businesses connected to our passion and love for bikes. Everyone can get involved!

 There are two primary roles:

The Supporter

Supporters of the foundation come in many different forms, from individuals offering their time and expertise through to large organisations providing access to different resources. They are the engine that keep the foundation moving so we can reach as many projects as possible. We are always looking to grow our diverse network of supporters so we can take on more projects and bring them to life. We believe everyone has something that they can offer that others could benefit from. Here are some examples of how you or an organisation could support the foundation and its projects:

  • Financial donations
  • Mentoring
  • Skill share sharing and training
  • Accommodation
  • Fundraising  
  • Equipment

 The Applicant

Applicants come to the foundation for help to bring a project to life. You could be applying for a project as an individual or as a crew.

All we ask is that the project will demonstrate and promote long term positive wellbeing for you personally and/or for the wider community. Here are some examples of what you might need help with:

  • Finance/funding
  • Accommodation 
  • Expertise
  • Skill share
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Resources

How does it work?

It is really quite simple… an online form is filled in and sent to MHM HQ. We take applications and match them to resources in our network. If we have a series of positive matches, then the project gets the green light and we start putting a plan together with all stakeholders.


If a project is missing a component not on our existing list then the MHM team will do their best to find a supporter to fill the gap.


We would love to give every project the green light but unfortunately sometimes the resources required are just not available. If we still think the project has lots to offer we will explore how we could modify the project to make it viable.


If we can’t take your project on you will be notified and that project will be kept on our list in the hope that the right fit will come along in the future. there is always ways of making projects happen.


Why Do This?

There are so many reasons to get involved.


  • Fulfil a lifelong project
  • Put your purpose into action
  • Develop a project that develops great wellbeing
  • Get involved in a likeminded and supportive community
  • Take action to boost your own mental health and long term change in your life.

There is no better reward than helping someone help themself, if you don’t believe us try it out. Even science backs it up!! Being part of a community that has a lasting impact on people’s life is beneficial to everyone. We believe in the ripple effect, if we can help one person maintain good mental health and enable them to support their own wellbeing. Then they will go on to help other do the same and the ripple effect expands out.


Once we have supported a project all we ask is that sometime in the future you work with the MHM Team to offer your time as a volunteer. This could be at an event fundraising, or supporting other MHM members. This is not compulsary but it builds on the core of what we are about – community support.

How to apply


Follow the link here to the “get involved’ section on our websites. Simply fill in the form under the relevant heading.


Follow the link here to fill in the online form. We have a guide to the form and examples you can download here. If you need any assistance in filling the form we are here to help.




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