We officially started the Mental Health Motorbike at the beginning of March 2020 and if we knew then what we know now would we have done things differently?

This is a very difficult question to answer because we are still in the thick of a world crisis that has never happened before. A crisis where historians and families will talk about this decades from now. It will probably take a few months or even years to come up with an answer to this question. What I do know is I feel very proud and inspired for setting up the Mental Health Motorbike with Jay and Andy.

It has overwhelmed me at times the shear number of people reaching out to us and talking about their mental health issues. I’ve always known what you see on the news is just the tip of the iceberg but to actually deal with real human beings on an intensely intimate level it is incredible. It is tough, sad, emotional and frustrating at times. But it’s also an incredible privilege to try your very best to support somebody who is in crisis. I feel we are doing a good job at the moment with limited resources, no financial support and not enough hours in the day. I also feel we are creating friendships with people who will go on a much longer journey with the Mental Health Motorbike post lockdown.

As I look back to the early part of this year my financial position was healthy I had lots of work coming in and some of the most interesting international projects to look forward to. Within weeks I saw all of this wiped out with the prospects of my company (setup in 2008) never recovering. I have every reason to be depressed, scared, angry and frustrated myself. But I’m holding onto the fact there are thousands of people out there in this position, and we have to be strong not become another statistic adding to the mental health narrative.

The Mental Health Motorbike has been my lifeline during this difficult period. Supporting others has never felt so important. I know whatever happens in my wider life and career this has been a defining period for me. I’ve also realised it is essential we continue the service and my commitment, passion and energy to make this a huge success supporting thousand more bikers. We need you support more than ever but ultimately… watch this space!