The MHM Induction

This is part 2 of your induction process

By now you will of met some of the Mental Health Motorbike team and other volunteers. This is the written part of your induction

What this section covers:

  • Your motivation for wanting to volunteer
  • A short skills audit
  • A chance to upload of personal info and certificates
  • Additional information about past
  • Explore how you might help
  • Ideas for making MHM bigger and better
  • What you want to gives, get and any fears you might have
  • Any questions you might have for the team


Every volunteer will be required to complete the form below in as much detail as possible in order for us to do due diligence checks before we can approve anyone to work for the mental Health Motorbike. On completion of this if successful you will be invited to Part 3 (a one hour zoom session where will will share all the volunteering opportunities coming up).

    Now complete the form below

    Take your time and complete the form in as much detail as possible and when complete send it to us. Click on the button below if you want an offline version of the form you can then copy and past your answer into the form when you are ready.


    Offline Form (click here)

    Thank you!!!

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation:

    We always aim to ensure our volunteers get something out of the experience and for some this will eventually turn into paid employment. Regardless of whether you give a few hours or months of your time we aim to make this a meaningful experience. So a very big thank you for supporting us.