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Raising funds through book sales

Martin’s Story

“This is more than just a tin to rattle…”

Martin Smith is a self-confessed “Two Week Adventure” specialist and regularly guides groups of friends on tours in the UK, Europe, and on occasion the US.

Martin has been a long-time supporter of Mental Health Motorbike having met founder, Paul Oxborough, prior to the publication of his book “Are We Doing the Stelvio Today”. Having had first-hand experience of mental health issues, Martin wanted to support a charity during a number of planned book signing events.

While the pandemic prevented these face-to-face events the book was still published, and efforts shifted online to help raise awareness of Mental Health Motorbike. Martin helped with the planning of events, free digital and print media services through his company Forty2 Creative, and through the donation of books for sale. He has also gone through the MHFA training with Mental Health Motorbike and has attended numerous events as an ambassador.

Martin states “The launch of a book with a niche audience has undoubtedly been a challenge, yet it has also been a rewarding experience. It has led me to interact with many others in the overland community and exchange ideas. The overland community has been especially generous in the support of Mental Health Motorbike, and I would like to continue my support”

In the absence of the tin to rattle, £1 of every book sale from his website will go directly to Mental Health Motorbike.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to such a worthy cause” Martin adds. 

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A little more information…

Are We doing The Stelvio Today?

Somewhere between the overland motorcycle adventurers crossing the wild continents and the motorcycling day-trippers lie a group of adventure bike riders. This is a story of one such eclectic group of travellers from across the UK and America heading across the French, Swiss and Italian Alps towards the iconic Stelvio Pass. Part story and part guidebook, this is a tale to inspire those who have yet to embark on a motorcycle tour of the Alps and shows that you don’t need to cross untamed lands to have an adventure.

What is Mental Health Motorbike?

Why Support Us?

The Mental Health Motorbike exists to create meaningful opportunities so that together we grow the wellbeing of the motorbike community. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the suicide rates amongst bikers in the UK.

Over the next 12-18 months we aim to train a bikers from across the UK in Mental Health First Aid and create the countries first free dedicated mental health support network for bikers of all ages, gender and backgrounds.

All money raised will go into a bursary fund to pay for those dealing with financial hardship wanting to go through the MHFA training and become part of the biker support network. We aim to remove barriers to providing access to the training. 

Having the network in place will save lives  by providing vital support those in crisis.