Coming to the end…

Coming to the end…

What a great week, met so many different people and was able to really share and celebrate what Mental Health Motorbike is. It has also given me a flavour of how that baton relay will be, especially as after each location there will be media events to factor in as...

Last day of the tour

Last day of the tour

And so we arrive at our final day. After yesterday’s sightseeing at Salisbury and Stonehenge we today return to a number of scheduled cafe stops where you can come and have a chat. Our last stop is the bike meet at The Raven at Whitchurch. Times are subject to road...

Mental health first aid

What is the mental health first aid course?

we run the adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England training course that we have personalised it to link into the Mental Health Motorbike creating a network of trained people sympathetic to the needs of bikers.

Our Mental Health First Aider courses:

  • Encourage people to challenge the language we use around mental health
  • Explore our different frames of reference and the stigma attached to mental health
  • Help people to understand what good mental health looks like
  • Explore the factors that can have an impact on our mental health
  • Look at how to support yourself and others with self-care, giving the skills to influence your own mental health and help prevent mental ill health
  • Teach how to intervene (including in a crisis), reassure and signpost to further support
  • Teach about diagnosable mental health conditions, what unwell looks like and how to spot these signs in yourself and others
  • Talk about what to do if you think someone is unwell and the steps to take for early intervention
  • Talk about recovery from mental illness and looking forward

If you are interested click the button above and share which course you would like to do.