Are you passionate about the wellbeing and mental health of the biking community and hold an MHFA certificate? Then this opportunity could be for you!

Peer Support has been proven to be the bedrock of the mental health service provided by MHM. Without this, our members would not have access to a safe platform through which to seek help. As the charity grows and our volunteers spread the word it is inevitable and welcomed that more people will come to us for support.

To ensure our members have ready access to trained kind and compassionate support we are recruiting to 1:1 Moderators who can provide this service and also support the Peer Support Moderators who will act primarily through the Facebook member’s page.

Moderators are expected to be part of a private slack channel and when a situation arises they will be alerted through this channel by the Peer Support Manager and the team (or part of it) will discuss a suitable strategy and response for the 1:1 Moderator to act in a timely way (this will need to be active on your phone, tablet and computer as agreed).

The 1:1 Moderator:

  • Will be part of a 1:1 Moderator rota team that ensures this service is available 365 days per year
  • Will contribute to the support of MHFA training programmes
  • Will be someone who is fully supportive of MHM ambitions, our values and is passionate about the health and wellbeing of its members
  • Will be able to work objectively, empathetically and collaboratively.
  • Will be able to demonstrate they hold MHFA certification and experience in using this in action with confidence.
  • Will work in a inclusive a professional way with other team members


Some leadership experience would be of benefit to this role.

If you believe you would make a great Moderator and have some hours each week to share please apply using the button below