We did it…!

We did it…!

After nearly 2 years of working flat out building an incredible team of volunteers (and now very special friends) who have supported so many people in need… something incredible has just happened.

Drum Roll…

Mental Health Motorbike has just become the first national dedicated mental health support charity for bikers. We did it!!! WE ARE A CHARITY 

Registered Charity Number 1196406

To say I’m emotional is an understatement. I keep going from happiness to emotional wreck knowing just how big a job it is that we are taking on. But when push comes to shove I ask myself the question – am I scared by this? and the question is hell yes!!! And then no… because we’ve made so much happen so far why can’t we make other amazing things happen? It all revolves around the team we surround ourselves with, and this is a metaphor for life… surround yourself with good people, caring people and honest people and things will go well. 

The emotion comes out of why this charity emerged… sadly its a story echoed far too widely across the country… suicide. I lost a friend that I’d  known since he was 11 years old. Dale Caffrey was a complex character – but everybody who met him loved him. We lost him too soon to suicide and I made a promise at his funeral to try very hard to stop other young men ending their life by suicide. This is where Mental Health Motorbike started, with one of Dale‘s best friends Jay Lucas another incredible human.  

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart so many other people. I’ve tried to speak some of you today this is why it’s been so special for me. You know who you are ❤️

The hard work now begins we have set ourselves a very big challenge. Please get behind us and make Mental Health Motorbike a nationally recognised household name. 

Thank you for caring love you all – Paul Oxo 

Next Mental Health First Aid courses

85 trained Mental Health First Aiders!

We are reaching the stage where our network of trained mental health First aider’s will be in three figures.

this will be a very important milestone for us and we are wanting to do this before we become a charity so it is very important we fill Julys course!

if you know somebody that would like to do the mental health first-aid and become part of our network please pass on the information

Coming to the end…

Coming to the end…

What a great week, met so many different people and was able to really share and celebrate what Mental Health Motorbike is. It has also given me a flavour of how that baton relay will be, especially as after each location there will be media events to factor in as well. I really need to build my general fitness before next May.

Had a great chat with English Heritage staff about MHM and my day job heritage work we are doing with Egypt and Oman
At Stonehenge visitors centre
My sort of Stonehenge

Last day of the tour

Last day of the tour

And so we arrive at our final day.
After yesterday’s sightseeing at Salisbury and Stonehenge we today return to a number of scheduled cafe stops where you can come and have a chat. Our last stop is the bike meet at The Raven at Whitchurch.

Times are subject to road conditions

Honey Cafe, Bronllys 27th May @9:00am
Crossgates Cafe, Llandrindod Wells 27th May @10:30am
Raven Cafe, Whitchurch 27th May @2:30pm

Day 3

Day 3

we started off earlier so missed the opening of the Chequered Flag but was able to leave some publicity there.

Stopped off at the beautiful St.Mawes before heading further South, met a lovely lady with a dog who thought DocBike was DogBike. She was very interested in our work
Cornwall really is beautiful
Jumped onboard Kung Harry’s ferry
Met Morph
Arrived at Lands End
DGR ride and DocBike

DGR ride and DocBike

All BMW’s and two charities together

What an amazing if not a wet day. In the morning we did the DGR ride and this was fantastic we stayed dry and it was a lot of fun. We met loads of friends at the Churchill Arms (massive thank you to Tanya for looking after us), then we set off in the heavens opened. Three hours in torrential rain we were like drowned rats. We arrived in Plymouth safe and we even got to the front of a road traffic accident and gave our cards out to the armed response police team there and are now members on the group.

Thanks Tanya
Great to meet Fish and Helen and the family

Start of the DGR

It was announced at the beginning of the DGR that over £20,000 had been raised by this one ride alone! Congratulations to Ian and the whole team of volunteers for managing this process. Great people

Day two

Day two

We had an early start and rode the DGR. We rode down Sandbanks but Harry and Sandra didn’t turn out. Afterwards we rode over to one of the nominated distribution locations, The Churchill Arms, where we met up with our partners DocBike.

We headed out to Plymouth via the fastest possible route rather than the planned ride. The rain was the heaviest I have ever ridden through. If we could have bailed we would but it wasn’t an option.



Today is going to be a little bit hectic its forecast wet weather we have a long ride down to Plymouth and we also have the DGO in between . What a fantastic day yesterday was with loads of really interesting to people and members from mental health motorbike at the T café and Sammy Millers museum, we even met the man himself Mr Sammy Miller and living legend! Great to see so many people. We will try and keep you up-to-date with what happens today but thanks for all your support

At Sammy Millers before we met the man himself
Dee from IAM Roadsmart Solent with Martin and Nick

Day one

Day one

As I wheeled the bike out the rain started after what had promised to be a dry but overcast departure.

I made good time and met up with Nick Smallwood at Keele but not before what could have been a complete wipeout. Heading towards Holmes Chapel a thoughtful farmer had turned the road completely brown with mud. Despite me pointing the bike straight it threw a complete wobbler with the rear end fishtailing and front doing a full on tank slapper. I was just a complete passenger and I only thing it pulled through due to the 70/30 tyres. I think if I had road tyres I’d be down.

We met up with Paul Oxborough on time at Cherwell and arrived early at the H Cafe. We met up with some Mental Health Motorbike ambassadors and then got off to Sammy Millers Motorcycle museum where we got to meet the man himself.

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