A few days ago I got a phone call from Mike Thatcher who runs and owns seaways café. For those that don’t know seaways café is on the A166, Fimber Road near Driffield. A gateway to the east coast and beautiful Flamborough Head.

They have an incredible bike following and it’s the known destination for anybody travelling in this area. So Mike asked us to do the first podcast that he’s offering out his network. For us this was a really important phone call because it started to validate what we are doing from somebody that is respected within the biker industry. This is a man that knows bikes and he knows the biker psyche. After all when you’re dealing with hundreds of them each day you start to get an insight.

Mike is very easy to get on with, a guy clearly passionate and was keen to hear about what we are doing. So we jumped at the opportunity to do the interview with him. I think it went really well I will try and put a link to it below. It’s all good practice hopefully we won’t use the video elements of it just the audio!!!

We can’t wait until after lockdown so we can get over and have a proper cup of tea together and meet you all over on the east coast but until then you just have to listen to us.

Once again Mike thanks for the opportunity and look forward to meeting your network of bikers. Paul