My Best Friend’s Departure by Carina Spencer

I jumped; you caught me.
I laughed; you joked.
I was down; you picked me up.
I crumbled; you glued me back together.
I loved you; you loved me back.

You jumped; I couldn’t catch you.
You forgot to laugh; I couldn’t remind you.
You were down; I couldn’t hold you.
You crumbled; I had no glue.
You loved me; I still love you.

Without any warning or sign, 
You ventured to a world divine.
I refused to say goodbye, 
Yet tonight I cry.
My tears are for you, my friend,
But our legacy will not end.
For I shall see you soon, 
But first I have living to do.
I promise I won’t forget.
Your face is embedded in my heart.


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