Support Bubbles

Please read this before applying:

Support bubbles are there to give you additional help in finding the right people to talk to in order for you to get your life back under control

What we are:

  • We are a listening ear, offering support in a confidential* and safe space
  • We are a team of qualified mental health first aiders and medical professionals
  • We are a service which is free and flexible around when you can access support
  • We are a text based service with options to use zoom (or other online services) if the situation arises.

What we aren’t

  • We are not a counselling service
  • We are not Therapists
  • We are not doctors
  • We are not able to advice on medications
  • We are not someone that can listen to, engage with or discuss illegal practices
If you understand and are happy to progess based on this information please complete the form below. Under GDPR your data will be stored securely and only be used for the purpose of support as identified above. It can be deleted on request and will be deleted if the support bubble is closed. 

Application for a bubble:

Please complete all sections of this form:

    * Terms and conditions

        • Mental Health Motorbike reserve the right to terminate this service at any time
        • Staff will not tolerate abusive, suggestive or inappropriate comments
        • Your support reserve the right to share any illegal disclosures to the charity trustees (this will not be covered in our group confidentiality agreement)
        • Support bubbles will run for a limited time (normally 1-6 weeks) after that we encourage our members back onto the peer support group
        • If you disclose any information which presents a threat to others or suggests a risk to yourself, the team reserve the right to share this outside the support bubble (this will not be covered in our group confidentiality agreement).