I think it is quite normal to feel a little out of your depth when you start something new, but this project is taking me to another level completely. It came out of seeing so many people around me struggling with depression and mental health issues. I suppose the tipping point which made me realise I have a skill set to do something which might help others came after news of an old friends suicide. Years ago this person reached out to me but we lost contact and I am left with a feeling of ‘what if…?’

A project of this nature means I have to also look at where I sit with my own mental health and it means taking a hard look at whether I am strong enough to open myself up to other people issues. At the moment this is an unknown but I feel with the right support in place I can at least have a go.

It is a cool thing to set up something which is not currently out there – I really do feel like I’m trailblazing – the use of of motorbike to encourage discussion seems unique – but what I’m hoping is it will be a very powerful tool to reach a certain demographic of society who need to support. If it is successful I will expand the number of bikes going out by develop a training programme to build the team and even set up as a registered charity.

I am going to be looking for support so if you see the potential and want to offer some support please join my team at the moment I’m ‘Billy no mates’ but I know this won’t be for long reading your messages of support, these have been this best motivator. let us see where this journey takes me… Thanks guys Paul x