About Us

The Trustees & Core Team

Our core team at the moment is small but it will grow as the charity develops. We look forward to meeting you at future events throughout the year. If you see us on the road come and say hi, we all love any excuse to have a cuppa and a chat.

Karen Cole (Trustee)

A lifelong lover of bikes (and all things with an engine really).  I got my full licence aged 17 – when Examiners hid in alleyways to jump out on you during the emergency stop.

Following surgery on my spine, I was advised to give up riding, which has been very difficult.  Working alongside the Mental Health Motorbike team, meeting so many riders and being part of the wonderful biking community once again, is an absolute privilege and has eased my sense of loss.

My day job involves improving rider safety (physically), so helping riders with their mental health is great fit. My plan is to ensure Mental Health Motorbike becomes a familiar name within motorcycling.  Particularly within the motorcycle industry itself. 

Ken Finlayson (Trustee)

I feel privileged to be part of The MHMOTORBIKE journey.

Having spend a lifetime in Dealer operations B2B for vehicle manufacturers, I’m hoping some of my experience can be put to good use.

I’ve been an enthusiastic biker for more than a few years, my current bike being a Triumph Tiger which is proudly displaying a MHFA badge.

Mark JJ Johnson (Trustee)

Passion all my life has been riding motorbikes, just love bikes & biking. I enjoy the creativity, diversity and passion motorbikes can evoke from classic and modern to custom and cruiser. I am drawn into the positivity motorcycling can bring to our mental health, it allows me to effectively deal with the daily stress of life, create friendships for life, make healthy decisions and live life to its fullest.

I currently work and manage a large department for young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) at a further education college in the East Midlands, supporting them and their families to gain skills for life. My previous life before was a senior graphic designer and illustrator for Rolls Royce Aerospace doing doodles of jet engines and a design & publicity manager for a large tyre company.

Married with 2 fab children, a dog, caravan, love listening to classic rock music and when time, fishing!

Leanne McClean (Trustee)

Coming soon…

Paul Oxborough (Chairperson)

I feel very proud to have been a founding member of Mental Health Motorbike, the challenge is now to take it to a new level so it can become a recognised household name and the place bikers come to for meaningful support.

In my day job I develop international education programmes across the world with young people, teachers and non-formal education professionals and enjoy bikes (surprise surprise), reading, walking and surrounding myself around interesting people.

Mandy Stephens (Trustee)

I came to motorbiking later in life, being well in my 40’s. I have not looked back since.I have always loved travelling and biking opens this up in new and unique ways. Throw in a bit of camping, and I am looking forward to the day hubby and I ditch it all in and travel around the world. 

I have been a lifelong advocate of good mental health, and am very proud to have gained my MHFAider certification through our charity. I am so pleased to be a Trustee of Mental Health Motorbike and put my skill set to good use as the charity’s Treasurer. 

I am very happily married with five children between us, I am self-employed and building a business at the same time as helping to grow Mental Health Motorbike. Life is an adventure!

Louise Williamson (Admin Support)

I am currently supporting our Mental Health Motorbike trustees with  lots of differnt ‘behind the scenes’ office work.

I had my first bike in 1980, but stopped. 35 years later I returned, and am very much enjoying time out and about on my beloved Honda Rebel. 

Working in the NHS prompted an interest in Mental Health and in the last few years, I’ve completed our MHFA course as well as a level 3 counselling course. I’m pleased and honoured to be supporting Mental Health Motorbike. To be honest I feel this is the place I am meant to be, and I’m looking forward to meeting many more of you over the coming months and years.