Every week the Mental Health Motorbike has been hosting A Virtual Rideout. The format has been to upload a video shared by a MHM follower then have a structured one hour sessions were any biker can join.

More recently members have been taking small slots during the hour to present something to the rest of the group. This can range from coping strategies during the coronavirus through to maintenance on a motorbike. The MHM team are keen to make the sessions as interactive as possible.

The one hour sessions are facilitated by MHM And generally start off with everybody having a chance to say hi and share where they’re coming from what they do and share interests, there will be a chance to talk about how things have been during the week, Then an opportunity to here from guest speakers. The sessions flow really well and if people need specific individual support this can be provided afterwards.

Why not check us out to see how it works for you?