As qualified Mental Health First Aiders we use our motorbikes and people skills to reach out and support people dealing with depression and mental health issues. 


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We are in extraordinary times where the need for Mental Health support services are definitely on the increase. We have seen more demand in people wanting to talk since the onset of the Covid-19 virus in March 2020.

Our organisation is small with 4 volunteer staff and 15 event volunteers. We are at early days and are always looking for support as we have high ambitions of how we want the biking community to engage with their mental health recovery.

We have a number of aims, the first is to get qualified mental health first aiders in a bike shop or club in every town and city across the UK. This will create a strong backbone to our network. The mental health first aid course is a Government approved scheme ( We have member of our team is an accredited trainer able to deliver these courses. 

The second thing we want to achieve is the Mental Health Motorbike Foundation. This will provide opportunities for people to apply for support in a project, training course or activity that will help with their mental health recovery.

Finally we want to be attending a minimum of 12 events per year, reaching out to the biker community directly. Our branded motorbike will attend these events and be very visible and encourage people to come and talk to us and join the network. Many of our volunteers are people recovering from mental health issues and they will represent the Mental Health Motorbike brand at events. We are exploring how to set up MHM ride outs and meet ups which will allow people from all over the country to meet up and explore how they are feeling. This will build on the sense of members feeling part of a meaningful community and network. 

Although we are new, we recognise there is nobody else providing a service like this, so we are a unique organisation that is generating a great deal of interest.

 In 2021 we will become a registered charity. At the moment we are running as a not for profit organisation and we are all volunteers. Our main priority is to find funding for a business manager and an outreach worker.

Where can you find the Mental Health Motorbike?

Our bike will wrapped in its 2020 colours and be out on the British roads from March onwards. Below are some of the locations where we will be. Check the events calendar to see some of the events. Here you can meet us for a chat and a cuppa. If you want to be part of the team why not volunteer?


On the road

If you see us on the road contact us if you are struggling and we can arrange a chat or a cuppa. Remember talking really helps. 


Service stations

A great place to meet people is service stations. Look out for our bike and have a chat if you see us. Send us a photo to if you spot us on the road. We will send you a special and unique message.


Bike events/meetings

We will attend a number of biker events and visit bike clubs. We want to meet bikers and offer support and cool workshops encouraging different ways we can support you.


Visits to your organisation

Working with our partners we can arrange specialist presentations and come and showcase our work and meet your staff teams. Our aim is to get more organisations investing in the government developed Mental Aid First Aid course.



We can visit education organisations, workplaces, shops to talk about our approach to mental health and how to access support. Wherever you are we can be. Contact us to explore this further.


Specialist events

We can do after dinner speeches and presentations to talk about this fascinating area of work and some of the amazing and funny stories we have come across over the years, Contact us to discuss your needs.


What People are Saying


“Paul is always approachable and supportive, who is knowledgeable providing sound advice and guidance when required. He always puts others first and is always there for me and always finds time to listen to me, he never judges my faults, but accepts them as being part of me, a shoulder to lean on when I need support and offers encouragement and praise when I do something well and has a sympathetic ear if I don’t achieve. A man with a great sense of humour who always sees the best in everyone. An effective role model and a true inspiration

Mark Szadura


I have been lucky enough to know Paul for most of my life. He is one of the easiest people to talk to I know. Very patient, understanding and caring.

Cheryl Battlebury


Paul is naturally caring and empathetic.
Combining these qualities with his vast professional experience in delivering challenging, yet creative projects
can only mean the Mental Health Motorbike will be successful in delivering vital help to those who need it.

Jason Lucas


Paul is one of the most supportive people I have ever met. His work and approach has had a positive impact on so many lives, including my own. He is approachable and kind, with buckets of advice or when required, a pair of open ears to listen to you

James Copson

“Caring bloke”

Fantastic initiative by an inspiring, interesting & caring bloke. Luv it!”

Andy Elwood

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