The Crisis Crowdfund

What is it?

Mental Health Motorbike is run on donations and sponsorship, so from time to time when situations arise we may need to ask our members for help. The Crisis Crowdfund has been setup to provide emergency support for items or goods for members in crisis we are supporting. This fund can be an emergency lifeline in a time of crisis.

We are not looking for single members to make a large donation but smaller donations from lots of members. This is where you can make a big difference to someones life for the price of a Starbucks Coffee or a pint of beer.

100% of your donation will be earmarked and used to support members in crisis. It will not be used for any other purspose.

How do we decide what the money will be used for?

Mental Health Motorbike has a team of trained staff offering support to members in crisis. The admin team will put a request into this team and it will need to be agreed by 3 or more of the team. The sorts of things the money might be used for is:

  • Food parcels
  • Emergency accomodation
  • Equipment
  • To pay for a support service
  • A training course
  • Employment related support
  • Welfare support

If a person recieves a crisis payment from this fund it will never be given to them in cash but it will managed through a member of the team and items purchased on their behalf or brokered through a third party assisting with the support.

How to donate

Click on the button below and then follow the instructions, you can pay using a card or a Paypal account. 

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Feedback on how money is spent

Whilst is would be inappropriate for us to share details about individual cases we will give general news updates about donations and maybe if appropriate the occasional good news story with the members permission. Rest assured your donations will be gratefully recieved and managed effectively.