Our Aim


What does the Mental Health Motorbike aim to do:

  • Promote a greater awareness of Mental Health.
  • Break down social isolation for those experiencing mental health issues.
  • Help people identify future purpose and equip them with a tool kit to develop. great wellbeing.
  • Create a vibrant network of volunteers running events and online activities throughout the year.
  • Support people in crisis and signpost them into appropriate support through one to one, group and peer support.



The Mental Health Motorbike is a mental health support service which has 6 key objectives aimed the biker community. We believe this is the first project of its kind targetting the biker community directly.

Below is a overview of our objectives outlining what we aim to achieve after launching in March 2020.

Objective 1

To have high quality materials and resources available to support any riders we meet whilst out on the road with the bike, this will be based on recommendations from Mental Health First Aid England.

Objective 2

To run a series of support sessions online and at events held a various locations across the UK which creates a greater awareness of mental health issues and wellbeing activities.

Objective 3

To be available to bikers needing support at a number of targeted  bike meetings, clubs and shops throughout the year. Materials and resources will be on hand to support the biker community.

Objective 4

To work in partnership with other mental health organisations and offer outreach services into the workplace to talk to staff and employees working within the motorbike industry.

Objective 5

To work with sponsors. motorbike industry and motorbike clubs to get more staff and volunteers trained as mental health first aider’s through a Mental Health Motorbike membership scheme. 

Objective 6

To grow the Mental Health Motorbike Foundation creating life changing opportunities for those recovering from mental health issues and want to improve longer term wellbeing.