Our Legends

No longer with us but their souls live on in the spirit, ethos and values of our charity. This is a page of respect for members of our community who have really moved the charity forward. These are our much loved legends.
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Our Legends

Sadly the charity has lost some of our much loved team, this space has been setup to keep their legacy alive. With these people the charity wouldn’t be where it is today and for this we are eternally greatful. Gone but never forgotten x 

Louise Williamson

Louise was tiny and had bright red hair but my goodness did she leave a lasting impression. She was part of the Rebel Ladies biker group when we poached her to help us organise the charity. Her admin skills, love for life, pole dancing and her friends has meant her loss has been very difficult for so many of us. When you met Louise she made it very clear from the first 10 seconds she is not taking any nonsense but underneath this was a 24 carat heart of solid gold. She was a true friend of our charity and leaves so many people missing her. One of life’s true diamonds x

Dave Martin

Dave was part of Mental Health Motorbike from the early days, like many he never quite sussed out how we got him so involved. But he led our virtual wideouts every Sunday during the pandemic. He always had a project on the go and was known for his sense of adventure and sheer determination at fighting cancer. After a four and a half year battle we sdly lost this incredible man. Mental health motorbike carries forward Dave’s grit and determination not to give in, much loved be our community and his legacy lives in in the charity and the #getoutdostuff project

Dale Caffrey

We lost Dale in 2019 and he became the reason Mental Health Motorbike was established. With the support of Dale’s family and best friend Jay Lucas our founder Paul Oxborough came up with a plan to leave a lasting legacy in Dales name. Paul had known both Dale and Jay from when they were 11 years old. Dale was a father, husband, son, brother and friend to many and losing him left a great void in many people’s lives. We celebrate this great man by making Mental Health Motorbike the amazing charity it is today. 

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