We are at that turning point this weekend with what appears to be lockdown restrictions been eased out in phased measures. We are not sure what this means for us bikers yet. Whatever your decision to take your bike out please be safe and let people make their own informed decisions – we are all adults here.

We’ve been working with lots of people Who been really struggling with her mental health because of the lockdown. Let’s not become divided because people choose one thing or another.

Things to think about:

  1. There will be lots of people on the road haven’t driven for months
  2. Go easy on your bikes let them run themselves in again
  3. It’s a bank holiday weekend nice weather and because of VE Day stuff Watch out for people who have been drinking
  4. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments with people if they have a go at you for being out on your bike
  5. Remember the NHS is still under huge amount of pressure, don’t add to this burden by taking stupid risks on your bike
  6. Don’t go on a long distance rideout as police are still prosecuting people for this

Take care – and remember if you need to talk or someone to reach out to give us a shout.