After nearly 4 weeks of travelling it will be soon time for me to take a rest for Christmas. For many of us this is a time of year which causes stress, anxiety and financial pressure and can lead to issues with loved ones. How do we manage this difficult time? each and everyone of us with have different strategies, but what if the strategies are not there?

I was recently on Majorca and I came across this image

It roughly translates into “All the bridges are in love with a suicide” when I read it I was firstly saddened that someone had needed to express this in such a brutal and rushed way, but then it got me thinking and the big issue that it took me to was the social isolation felt by many at Christmas time. We are sold all these happy images of families, presents, friends, nice foods and cosy evenings around a real fire.

I am currently exploring different ways people are supporting each other at Christmas time, Anyone got any stories to share about how they are helping others at Christmas? Send a reply if you read this.